It Service Contract Example

As businesses increasingly depend on IT services to drive their operations, it is essential to establish clear and comprehensive IT service contracts to govern the relationship between the service provider and the client. An IT service contract outlines the terms of the service agreement, including the scope of services, fees, and responsibilities of each party.

To help you create an effective IT service contract, we’ve put together an example that you can use as a starting point.

IT Service Contract Example

1. Scope of Services

This section should clearly define the services that will be provided by the IT service provider. It should include details such as the types of services, specific deliverables, and timelines for delivery.


The Service Provider agrees to provide the following IT services to the Client:

– IT infrastructure management and maintenance

– Network and security monitoring and support

– Help desk services

– Software and hardware installation and configuration

2. Fees and Payment Terms

This section outlines the fees associated with the IT services and the payment terms. It should include details such as the payment schedule, the method of payment, and any penalties for late payments.


The Client agrees to pay the Service Provider a monthly fee of $XXXX for the IT services outlined in Section 1. Payment will be due on the 1st of each month and will be made by automatic bank transfer.

3. Responsibilities of the Parties

This section should outline the responsibilities of both the IT service provider and the client. It should clearly define the roles and expectations of each party to ensure smooth and efficient service delivery.


The IT service provider is responsible for:

– Providing reliable and high-quality IT services

– Maintaining the IT infrastructure and network

– Providing timely support and issue resolution

The Client is responsible for:

– Providing access to all necessary systems and hardware for the provision of IT services

– Ensuring the security of their systems and data

– Reporting any issues or problems with the IT services promptly

4. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

This section should outline the SLAs that the IT service provider agrees to meet. It should include details such as the expected response times, resolution times, and penalties for failing to meet the SLAs.


The IT service provider agrees to meet the following SLAs:

– Response time for support requests: 1 hour

– Resolution time for standard issues: 4 hours

– Resolution time for critical issues: 2 hours

If the IT service provider fails to meet the SLAs, the Client may be entitled to a credit of up to 10% of the monthly fee.

5. Termination and Renewal

This section should detail the process for terminating the IT service contract and any renewal options. It should also include any notice requirements, penalties for early termination, and automatic renewal clauses.


This contract shall commence on XX/XX/XXXX and will continue for a period of 12 months. After the initial term, the contract will automatically renew for successive 12-month terms unless either party provides written notice of termination at least 30 days prior to the end of the term.


Creating an effective IT service contract is essential for ensuring a productive and profitable partnership between IT service providers and their clients. This sample IT service contract can serve as a starting point for creating a comprehensive and tailored agreement that meets the specific needs of your business and its IT service provider. Remember to review the contract carefully and seek legal advice if necessary before finalizing and signing the contract.

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